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Yunnan Energy New Material Co., LTD. was established in April 5th 2006, located in NO.125 Fuxian Road , High-tech zone ,Yuxi city, Yunnan province.The group has three wholly owned subsidiaries: Yunnan Hongta Plastic co., LTD. (Hereinafter referred to as the Hongta Plastic), Yunnan DeXin Paper co., LTD., ChuanXin New Materials (Hong Kong) Co., LTD., and one holding subsidiary Shanghai Energy new material technology co., LTD. (Hereinafter referred to as Shanghai Energy) . Shanghai Energy has 2 wholly-owned subsidiaries: Zhuhai Energy New Materials Technology co., Ltd. and Wuxi Energy New Materials Technology Co., Ltd.The group's total assets amounted to 60.35 billion RMB.

The company mainly engaged in packaging decoration and other printed materials:The printing of trade marks (including tobacco and drug trademarks) and the design of trademarks;Packaging box production, processing and sales;Color printing;Production, processing and marketing of paper products (excluding paper making) plastic products and other supporting products;Raw and auxiliary materials for production, processing and sales of printing;Production, processing and marketing of plastic film, modified plastics;Production, processing, sales of laser transfer paper, gold and silver card paper, liquid packaging, aluminum, high-grade packaging;Production, processing and sales of anti-counterfeiting identification, anti-counterfeiting materials;Packaging machinery, packaging machinery parts and accessories design,manufacturing, processing, marketing;Production, processing and sales of new energy materials and development of new technologies and new products;Import and export of goods (except items restricted and prohibited by the state)

The main customers of tobacco label products are China Tobacco (Yunnan) ,China Tobacco(Sichuang)and China Tobacco(Chongqing).Our products are widely used in Marble, Yuxi,Hongta Mountain, Honghe,Hongjinlong Ziyun, Longfengchengxiang and other well-known domestic cigarette brands.Aseptic packages customers include famous enterprises such as China Huiyuan Juice group Co., Ltd., Guangxi huangshijiatianxia food co., LTD., Guangzhou Dongpeng food beverage Co., Ltd.., Xiamen Huierkang food co., LTD., zhongshan rikang food beverage Co., Ltd., Dali food group co., LTD.,Heilongjiang Wandashan linhai liquid milk Co., Ltd., etc. Lithium battery isolation Film main customers are LG Chem, Ltd. Samsung group and Japan's leading manufacturers. Domestic customers are new energy industry leadesr such as Ningde new energy technology co., Ltd. Universal A123 systems co., Ltd Hefei Guoxuan high-tech power energy Co., Ltd., BYD Company Ltd. Funeng(Ganzhou) Co., Ltd. Tianjin Lishen battery Co., Ltd. Lixin (Jiangsu) energy technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai Delang power battery Co., Ltd., etc. 

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